Bivouac Camping

Hotel Ksar Merzouga has a very comfortable tented comp awaiting you to explore and spend wonderful moments in it. The camp contains a toilet and the tents are equipped with carpets and beds where you can spend your night comfortably. The camp is in a private oasis in the middle of the dunes. It’s about 40 minutes camel trekking to the heart of the desert where the camp is located. It is the best place and the best opportunity to escape from the crowd and enjoy the tranquility and the quietness of the desert because when you are there you dont encounter much people but only the native nomads living around or your guide. Enjoy and Take photos of the sunset and sunrise from the top of the highest dunes where you can see it clearly.

Our staff will make your stay an unforgettable experience in the heart of the Moroccan Sahara desert. Thus when you arrive to your camp, your guide will prepare amazing dinner so that you can have dinner in a magical atmosphere under the stars and clear sky.


Berber music is also a part of the activities you will experience while being at the camp. It is an activity which without any trek to the desert would not be complete. This activity is sometimes held around fire camp to feel the real lifestyle of the desert population.



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